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Pastor Matt is the co-host of the Great Exchange.  The purpose of "The Great Exchange" is to minister to the layperson who would like to develop an understanding of good, solid theology but often times get lost in the running list of terms (i.e. justification, depravity, right and left kingdoms). There are many busy moms and working fathers  who don't always have the time to sit down and read or find it difficult to attend a weekly bible study. Also, outside the realm of Lutheranism, many Evangelicals are just getting burned out by "trying" so hard to "live the Christian life" as a result of years of hearing "10 steps to a better marriage" "5 steps to walk a Godly life" "God wants to prosper you" style sermons. "The Great Exchange" is for them, providing 30 - 60 minute podcasts to help them develope a good, solid understanding of theology from the Lutheran perspective while explaining and using layperson terms.  Click Here to be redirected to the Great Exchange.


Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church Sermons


Click Here to listen to the Sermon Podcasts from SLBC.  SLBC exists to "be a community of joy through saving the lost and maturing the saved."  The saving and maturing work of God is accomplished through the preaching of His Word, personal witnessing, fellowship and the Sacraments.

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