Becoming Lutheran Research Discussed On WEtv (Part 2)

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Research Results From 2nd Qualitative Survey

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Comprehensive Qualitative Survey Results:


Research Results From 1st Quantitative Survey

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Comprehensive Quantitative Survey Results



Overview of Quantitative Survey Results in a Facebook Format



Raw Quantitative Survey Data


Becoming Lutheran Research Discussed On WEtv

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WEtv Live Video Feed Of The Becoming Lutheran Research Results

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The live video feed from WEtv will be coming to this page HERE on Wednesday February 6th at 3:30 PM Central/2:30 PM Mountain time. It will also be saved to this page for future viewing. The interview will be discussing the recent research result from the 'Becoming Lutheran Research Project.

Research Results To Be Discussed On WEtv

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Next week on Wednesday February 6th at 3:30 PM Central/2:30 PM Mountain time I will be on a live broadcast of Worldview Everlasting TV. On WEtv I will be discussing with Pastor Jonathan Fisk and Peter Slayton the research results from the first quantitative survey of the Becoming Lutheran Research Project. This interview will be the first presentation of the findings from the research project that I am working on at Concordia Seminary. So, mark your calendars for this broadcast!


Worldview Everlasting Information:


P.S. If you are not able to tune in live, it will be recorded and published to Youtube.

The Quantitative Survey Results Have Been Compiled

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The results are in for the "Becoming Lutheran Major Applied Project Quantitative Survey!"

I am thankful to report that the survey had a total of 339 responses.  From the 339 responses:

  • 6 participants were disqualified due to their answer on a screen question.  
  • 14 participant surveys were discarded due to the surveys being very incomplete (i.e., only 15-20% complete).
  • 13 participant surveys were removed from the final calculations for not meeting the criteria of the study (i.e. from foreign country, not having an evangelical background, etc...)
Thus, the survey contains feedback from 306 participants.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Assuming a population of 100,000 individuals who have journeyed from American Evangelicalism, 306 participant responses gives this survey the following statistical confidence:
  • A Confidence Level of 95%
  • A Confidence Interval of 5.59%
To learn more on what these confidence numbers mean, CLICK HERE.

You can examine the comprehensive results for the quantitative survey at the following link:

A special thank you to the following people and organizations for helping me obtain research participants:


  • Steadfast Lutherans
  • White Horse Inn
  • KFUO Radio
  • Paul McCain at Cyberbrethren
  • Purpose Drivel
  • Chris Rosebrough from Fighting for the Faith
  • And the many Facebook Friends!


Finally, over the next couple of months I will be analyzing the survey results for patterns and insights.  After the results have been analyzed, I will be developing a more qualitative survey that will consist of interviewing a focus group of individuals in order to glean more specific information.

Thank you for your support and I covet your continual prayers.


Pastor Matt Richard


First Survey Is Complete And Being Analyzed

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Today I officially closed the first quantitative survey to the "Becoming Lutheran" research project.  Over the next week I will be analyzing the participant feedback and will be releasing a comprehensive report in the following week.  

For the time being, I want to share one of the responses from participant #54.  This is such a great insight.


Question: In your own words, what has been the best thing about this journey?


Answer: "Seeing that we Christians are not to 'outdo' Christ, but to trust in the work of Christ as we live out our common daily lives, and that if we are nourished by the word and sacrament, that we have a 'spiritual well' by which we have something to share with others."