The Final Draft Has Been Approved

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I received word from Dr. Kolb yesterday that the final draft of the "Becoming Lutheran" research project has been approved.  

Currently the manuscript is being bound into a research book, copyrighted, and published to RIM (i.e., Research in Ministry) and to TREN (i.e., Theological Research Exchange Network).  

The Rough Draft Is Complete

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Last week I finished the rough draft of the "Becoming Lutheran" manuscript.  The rough draft can be found here.

The document ended up being a bit shy of 200 pages.  

The next steps are:

-Get feedback from my adivors and readers

-Adjust the rough draft.

-Submit rough draft to my proof reader

-Develop the semi-draft

-Submit semi-draft to the oral examination board

-Conduct oral examination of the Major Applied Research Project

-Finalize semi-draft and publish the final draft.

Grace and Peace

MAP Proposal To Be Assessed On November 29th

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The Major Applied Research Proposal Document is finished and has been sent off to St. Louis (see the email below). The MAP Committee will be meeting on November 29th to review the proposal. Following the committee meeting I will be given guidance/feedback on the direction of the project and then be hopefully cleared to pursue the research.


Dr. Peter and Dr. Kolb,


At the following link you will find a PDF copy of my Major Applied Project Proposal. I believe it is ready to be submitted to the committee for evaluation.


Dr. Kolb, as suggested by our prior conversation, I did the following:

I added the the category of worldview as one of the four main areas of struggle for Evangelicals journeying into Lutheran thought.

I expanded and expounded on the definition of Evangelicalism to not just include the influences of Pelagianism, but also Pietism, and the impacts of nineteenth-and twentieth-century pneumatology. Thus I defined Evangelicalism as the current national-cultural form of American Christianity.

I added a survey to the appendix in order to help the committee visualize the survey process.

Dr. Peter, I realize that this proposal is a little longer than the proposal format suggestion. It is longer because it includes a detailed example of the quantitative survey for the committee (9 pages) and it also has the entire bibliography included (6 pages). Please let me know if there are any concerns with this.


To my understanding, this proposal will be submitted to a committee for review. If there is anything further that I need to do with this, please don't hesitate to let me know.


I will eagerly await your feedback and/or the committee's feedback!


Thank you gentlemen. Grace and peace to you,


~matt richard

Epistemology and Worldview Article

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Earlier this week I spent some time writing a document titled, "Pastoral Care For Those Experiencing An Epistemological Crisis."  Portions of this document will serve as the foundation to the "theoretical perspective" portion of the Major Applied Research Document.  It is a wonderful read and very fun to consider how one's epistemology interacts with one's worldview.