Title, Problem Thesis & Purpose Thesis Have Been Developed

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 11:20 AM
After several drafts and many conversations I have finally settled on a Title, Problem Thesis and a Purpose Thesis for the Major Applied Research Project (i.e. MAP).  They are:

Title: Becoming Lutheran: Exploring the Journey of American Evangelicals Into Confessional Lutheran Thought

Problem: The journey for American Evangelicals into Confessional Lutheranism thought is a long, difficult, and sometimes scary road. The shift from American Evangelicalism into Confessional Lutheranism is not something that just happens overnight, nor is it an easy shift. The shift has linguistic, emotional, worldview, and epistemological challenges that accompany it, thus producing a great deal of anxiety, stress, and uncertainty for the individual. This also presents a challenge for Lutheran pastors in knowing how to minister to parishioners coming out of American Evangelicalism into their parish.

Purpose: Purpose: The purpose of this Major Applied Project (MAP) is to learn about the linguistic challenges, emotional struggles, worldview changes, and epistemological shifts of American Evangelicals who have begun making this shift into Lutheran thought, as well as Evangelicals who have already made the shift. Furthermore, this MAP will attempt to identify patterns in the journey from Evangelicalism to Lutheranism. By diagnosing possible patterns and identifying common characteristics in the journey, I hope the findings will provide insights and comfort for those who are experiencing the journey. I also hope to glean from the study ways in which Lutheran pastors can more effectively care for and shepherd these individuals who are in the journey towards Lutheranism.

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