Obtaining New Research Participants

Posted on December 6, 2012 at 2:10 AM

Before we begin this research process by sending out surveys, I felt that it was necessary to try and obtain more research participants.  Last week this project had around 88 participants.  As of now I am happy to report that we have 198 people signed up.  

The additional participants came through the helpful efforts of the following communication venues:

Statistically speaking I am learning that an appropriate sample size for a study such as this would be around 377 participants.  Therefore, I hope to still acquire research participants until the end of December.  What this means for timing then, is that we will officially begin our research at the beginning of January with the release of the 1st Survey.   

If you know of anybody that is interested in participating in this study, please direct them to this link HERE.  

Grace and Peace,

-pastor matt

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