Pastor Richard's Published Books 
Concordia Publishing House 


Minute Messages:

  Gospel-Filled Devotions for Every Occasion

In a world that is fast-paced and uses only surface-level teachings, Rev. Matt Richard delivers succinct, meaningful devotions with an unwavering focus on Law and Gospel. With devotions going through the historic Church Year and the Chief Parts of Luther's Small Catechism, this book will be the perfect for personal devotions, pastoral visits, and confirmation gifts.

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Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

  12 False Christs

Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?: 12 False Christs aims to address the many incorrect versions of Jesus present in today's culture. Whether Jesus is seen as a patriot, a social justice warrior, a therapist, or a giver of bling, these many false christs diminish the real Christ - the Savior of the world who defies our culture's standards. This book looks to the Bible to reveal that the real Jesus is already standing, while the false christs are not able to stand on their own.

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Words of Strength and Promise:

  Devotions for Youth

Youth are in a stage of life where they don't relate to everything in adult devotions, and they no longer want the simplicity of children's devotions. They need devotions specially made for them, speaking to their issues, in their lives. They need devotions to help them get through the struggles and trials of growing up and figuring out who they are with the help of Christ.

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